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Each One Teach One is the community empowerment strategy based on the oral transmission of knowledge which was used as a path to achieve prosperity.

Education was an unattainable privilege for slaves. Any form of education was inaccessible. It was banned and it even become illegal. The banned was intended to keep the slave community illiterate and easy to control with the aim to preventing their individuals from developing.

These circumstances led for the slaves who were able to read or write to feel the obligation to share their knowledge and teach other companions. This transfer of knowledge coined the expression “Each One Teach One”.

LATIGO has brought this concept to the present. Nowadays many of the tasks that were done by slaves have been replaced by robots. They have evolved rapidly in the last decade due to the technology improvements and even though they still relegated to the last link in the production chain. They have even been seen as a threat to the welfare of the human race.

Through the auto-replication process, the artificial intelligence adopts the same “Each One Teach One” philosophy, starting to develop a civilization and a culture around its habits.